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Staying productive can be a serious challenge, especially when you’re in charge of overseeing the efficiency of an entire company. Staying productive requires you to focus on keeping things efficient, on stripping out waste and finding ways to streamline processes. It’s difficult to do this without the aid of products and services that help to […]

Akshay Kumar is an unstoppable force in Hindi cinema, and he prefers to move on from one project to the other at record speed. Bollywood Hungama has got an exclusive scoop for all the Khiladi fans. According to our sources close to Akshay Kumar, the actor is all set to launch the theatrical trailer of his upcoming social dramedy, Raksha […]

Slow from a march to a saunter and give yourself time to enjoy your own time. Stop and smell the roses, take some extra time on your lunch break, and relax. The world around us is moving at such a hectic pace that we often forget to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. Even […]

Give a big thanks to the men and women who keep your community sanitary and hygienic on Garbage Man Day, or Waste & Recycling Workers Week. Just imagine what the world would be like if you had to live without the services of your local, friendly garbage professional. There would be mountains of trash piled […]

Head to a farmer’s market, U-Pick veggie field, or even your own backyard garden and see what delicious and nutritious meals you can make with fresh veggies. How many portions of fresh veggies does it take to keep a person healthy? Five portions a day? Seven? Ten? And what makes up a portion? Nutritionists agree, […]

Ranbir Kapoor rocked the show in 2018 with Sanju. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the biopic of actor Sanjay Dutt emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood as it earned a huge Rs. 334 Crores. Four years later, he’s back with Brahmastra and its trailer was released today. The VFX-heavy film has been in the making for […]

Show off your dimples and pearly whites and harness the true power of a smile. It releases chemicals that make you feel happier, more confident, and more relaxed. National Smile Power Day is the perfect excuse to shine your pearly whites and show off those dimples. And no, a smiley face or an emoticon won’t do! […]

It has been years since Rekha has not appeared on the silver screen. Her last film was Inder Kumar’s big screen adaptation of a play, the movie called Supernani. Fans may have something exciting to look forward to as the actress is in talks with one of the most popular directors of Indian cinema. Bollywood […]

Cupcakes are truly the little hand-sized delights of the confectionery world, coming in as many variations as the imagination can dream up. Topped with everything from sprinkles to frosting to candies, cupcakes are absolutely delightful! National Cupcake Day is a sign that it’s time to enjoy one of the world’s most delightful treats, the cupcake. […]

Try working with a simple thread and needle to really appreciate how much the sewing machine has changed the speed and ease with which we can make things. Long ago, when mankind first started working with fibers to produce clothing, things were long and arduous. Fiber had to be laboriously broken down and spun into […]