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Make Your Dream Come True Day – January 13, 2022

Written by on January 13, 2022

Dreams are the wings upon which we all soar through life, and on this, “Make Your Dream Come True Day”, on January 13, we are fulfilling all of ours. This day is celebrated to encourage every person to make their dreams come true.

Make your Dreams Come True Day, January 13 | Dreaming of you, Make it  yourself, Dream come true


We don’t know when this day originated or whose idea it was, but we do know about dreams. The ones that come as you sleep, and the ones that give your life a special meaning.

Holiday Calendar - Make Your Dream Come True Day - January 13

Ancient people often believed that dreams were messages from a higher power. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians believed this so much that they actually induced dreams to receive more messages. They would lie on special ‘dream beds’ in the hopes that a dream would give them advice, comfort, or even healing. Ancient people even practised dream interpretation, if records are any indication. Ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and various other cultures all kept records of religious texts featuring interpretations of various dreams.

Make Your Dream Come True Day – HEART HUNGER

The other kind of dreams, highlighting our hopes and wishes, are sometimes also called daydreams, although this umbrella is rather large. Dictionaries mention daydreams as being fantasies of hopes, dreams, and thoughts coming to life and experienced while awake, although in our heads. Multiple famous people across the ages have created masterpieces and new ideas while daydreaming.

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