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Swaati Kumar / Radio Personality

Full Name: Sonam Swaati Kumar
OnAir Name: Swaati
Date of Birth: 14 – August
Place: Labasa
Occupation: Radio Presenter
Joined Radio Industry:  May, 2006

         Admires: Michelle Obama – Priyanka Chopra

         Favorite Food: Chicken Biryan cooked by hubby

         Favorite Drink: Green Tea

Fav Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

         Favorite Actress: Alia Bhatt

Fav Singer: After my hubby its Arijit Singh😜

Fav Movie: Titanic

Fav Song: Saasein by Sawai Bhatt

Personal values: Honesty, Integrity & Kindness


  • Spending time with my sweet lil family 😘

  • Listening to my hubby sing

       Dislikes: Dishonesty

      Dream Destination: Life long dream to spend a night in New York City 🤗

My Goal: To make my parents proud

My Achievement: To have found my true love in life 💞 (all that I ever needed) 

My Philosophy: Life is short & beautiful, live each moment of it  with the people you love as if today is the last day✌

What is the best memory you have with Radio Sargam? 

I have most beautiful memories of Bacchpan program which I used to host a few years back.

How do you feel being a Radio Presenter at Radio Sargam?

I feel honoured 🤩

If you had the only last 24 hours left before you die, what thing will you do?

I would spend every second of that 24 hours with my baby Zay and my sweet hubby 💖