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Cyclist rides 500 miles backward, seeks Guinness World Record

Written by on August 11, 2023

Watch: Cyclist rides 500 miles backward, seeks Guinness World Record -

An Alaskan cyclist is attempting to get recognition from Guinness World Records after taking a 500-mile bike ride across Iowa — while riding backward.

Will Walker took a 500-mile ride across the state with about 30,000 other cyclists in this year’s Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, but Walker was the only member of the group to sit on his handlebars and look over his shoulder to steer while riding.

Walker said he first started using the unusual cycling method about a decade ago.

“I was just sitting with my buddies, I was sitting just like this talking to them and I just decided [to see] if I can ride like this,” he told KTUU. “Now I’m starting to do events and I’m getting recognized all over the world for it.”

Walker submitted evidence from his ride to Guinness World Records to see if he can capture the record for longest distance cycling backward. The current record was set at 209.77 miles by Australian Andrew Hellinga in 2013.

Source : UPI News

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