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Author: Angie Sharma

Regarding this unique marriage, Sakshi’s brother Divya Soni told that the engagement of Sakshi and Rishabh took place last year. When both of them met after the engagement, they thought why not do something new and different. On this, an ID was created on social media with the name Mini Couple and started sharing photos. […]

To see a single thunderbolt or lightning bolt points to forces that are beyond your control. These forces can be destructive, and you do not know if they will land on you. However, you could still take the proper precautions to lower your risk of such forces striking you down. Protect yourself when the times […]

Bollywood films and audiences showering love on many of the younger generation of celebs. Celebrating the achievements of these young and popular artists, Eastern Eye presents the new annual list of 30 under 30 Asian celebs who have left a mark in the year 2022. While some of the names from last year’s list have […]

Pathaan is here and like always he came, and he conquered. Shah Rukh Khan‘s film has created history, it is estimated that the film has managed to earn 90 crore worldwide this is the biggest opening number of any Bollywood film ever and that’s how King Khan created history. As per the reports the film has […]

Dancing on Stage Dancing on stage in the dream is a representation of triumph and pride. You are exhibiting your moment of success for everyone around you to see. It is your time to shine. Perhaps you have been taking a lead role in your projects or have called a successful completion to your goals. […]

A German movie theater broke two Guinness World Records with an IMAX screen measuring a whopping 8770.43 square feet. The Traumplast Leonberg, a multiplex chain in Baden-Württemberg, installed an IMAX screen measuring 127.2 feet by 68.8 feet, setting the Guinness World Records for the largest permanent IMAX screen and the largest permanent cinema screen (overall). […]

Parrot Being in Cage To see parrots being in the cage, suggests that you need to defend yourself against gossip. Try to understand that gossip and rumor will not be able to physically hurt your well being if you do not allow it. Injured Dying Parrot To dream about an injured or dying parrot, forwards that […]

A Hong Kong man showed his love for the manga and anime series One Piece by amassing the world’s largest collection of memorabilia. Lam Siu Fung said his collection of items related to One Piece, the story of young pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for a treasure known as the One Piece, began […]

Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty & Rohit Shetty have wrapped the much-awaited, Indian Police Force. The team was in Hyderabad shooting the last leg & has wrapped up the series. Shilpa Shetty shared a slo-mo video on Instagram with her team doing a sassy slo-mo walk. “It’s good to have an end to the journey, BUT it’s […]

Dreaming about being on foot traveling through a tunnel either by running or walking; suggests exploring aspects of your subconscious. You are opening yourself to brand new awareness. Try to find deeper meaning along your travels; you might find the answers that you seek. Dream About Crawling Through a Tunnel To dream that you are […]