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The dream suggests that you need to step and exercise power over weaker individuals, especially over finances. Perhaps you are in a situation where you need to silence their unrelated noises to achieve your goals. Dream About Baby Frogs Dream About Baby Frog or Tadpole Seeing a tadpole or baby frog in the dream represents […]

Sheriff’s deputies in Michigan responded to a home to eject an “unusual” breaking and entering suspect — a deer. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office said members of the Monitor Township family were at home Monday when they heard the sounds of a front window shattering. The family members soon discovered there was a deer running […]

With back-to-back shoots and a packed schedule, actor Sara Ali Khan is undeniably on a roll. The actor recently wrapped up the Delhi schedule of Homi Adajania’s Murder Mubarak. After which she arrived in Mumbai to shoot patchwork for the film, which is now wrapped. Director Homi Adajania also took to his social media to announce the […]

Overpowering perfume smell in the dream that makes your nose itchy or hard to breathe. The strong odorous atmosphere represents some of the mental pressure from others. The mental pressure can lead to a stressful environment that arises from empty entertainment or luxurious pursuits. Dream About Perfume Scent on Other People The perfume scent of […]

A Virginia animal shelter is seeking a new home for a strikingly corpulent cat weighing in at a staggering 40.3 pounds. Richmond Animal Care and Control said Patches the cat is on a special diet and exercise plan to help him come down to a healthier weight. Did you wake up today and say, ‘Let’s […]

Dream about sailing through rough waters; suggests that you will soon face life’s difficulties. Some struggles in your waking life will hinder your progress. However, be steady and moving forward.

A British Columbia woman captured photos and video when a bear made a late-night visit to her home and raided 69 cans of soda from her car. Sharon Rosel said her dog woke her up at her Earls Cove home about 3 a.m. and she looked outside to see a bear had shattered one of […]

Dreaming about drowning in a river suggests that you cannot deal with daily life’s ongoing responsibilities or needs. Consider slowing down to fully understand the risks before you jump into a new activity. It will help if you check out the drowning dream interpretations for better ideas.

Vehicles stopped on a busy Oregon driver so their drivers could get out and collect an estimated $200,000 thrown out of another driver’s window. The Oregon State Police said Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, threw the cash out of his window on Interstate 5, near mile marker 192 in Eugene. McCarthy, who was not charged with […]

The dream about your car being broken into and parts being stolen means that someone has taken advantage of you in a certain way, based on the actual parts or the car itself being stolen or stripped away. You can check our Car parts dream interpretation for the meaning of different car parts. The dream might mean […]