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Author: Angie Sharma

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Seeing cracked or broken pearls that are in half or missing pieces; suggest that the sincere feelings from your loved one may no longer exist. Dream About Pearl Shell Dreaming about a pearl sitting inside a pearl shell as a display, the imagery reflects purity and chastity. However, if the pearl shell is empty, you will encounter […]

A British dad reclaimed a Guinness World Records title by having his daughter’s name tattooed on his body a total 667 times. Mark Owen Evans, 49, originally earned the record for the most tattoos of the same name on the body in 2017, when he had his daughter’s name, Lucy, inked on his back 267 […]

A spider crawling in a dream can incite a powerful spiritual force in trying to shield you, this dream is about protection. Spider webs represent lies and being tangled in a situation (such as a clingy relationship), this is also a symbol of creativity. The spider has a lot of patience as it weaves its web and waits for […]

A Canadian chef known for his knife skills broke a Guinness Word Record by chopping 166 slices of cucumber in 30 seconds while wearing a blindfold. Wallace Wong, a chef and bodybuilder known as the Six Pack Chef on TikTok, put his chopping skills to the test for an episode of Guinness World Records’ Italian TV […]

The rainbow that occurs after the storm implies that your troubles are almost over. Goodwill comes out of your issues. Just hang in there. When you see the rainbow together with the rain, it is a signal that you should cheer up in the present difficult situation. Rainbow at Night A rainbow typically cannot be […]

A Pennsylvania man earned a Guinness World Record by going to the movies 777 times in a one-year period. Zach Swope, 32, of Carlisle, started his attempt with a screening of Minions: Rise of Gru in July 2022 and completed his record attempt with a showing of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny one year later. Swope broke the record of 715, set […]

To polish your nails in your dream suggests that you need to put more focus onto what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.   To dream that you are changing your nail polish color represents your creativeness or emotional nature.  Dreaming that your nail polish is chipped means that your strive for […]

A music-loving dog was returned to her family after escaping from her home and sneaking into a Metallica concert in California. The German shepherd, named Storm, was taken to a shelter after being found sitting in a seat during the Metallica show at SoFi stadium in Inglewood. After a full night taking in the show […]

Dreaming about wearing a ring like a wedding band on the finger typically refers to commitment and communication within the family, and some really close you. Crossing Fingers To dream that you are crossing your fingers symbolizes optimism, success, luck, and hope. Something Slipping Through Your Fingers This indicates that you are losing the grip of your […]

A North Carolina woman scored a $1 million Powerball prize during a Labor Day weekend getaway to the beach. Newlywed April Royal of Fayetteville told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she and her husband went to Southport to spend the holiday weekend at the beach and ended up buying a Powerball ticket at the Circle K on North Howe […]