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Author: Angie Sharma

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In general, if you have a dream about a snake, it might be telling you something about an issue that has been troubling or frustrating you. In some cases, it might be a sign of self-sabotage and how it’s holding you back in other areas of your life. Likewise, a snake in your dream might then be a symbol of something […]

Public works employees in a New Jersey town cleaned up an estimated 500 pounds of cooked pasta dumped near a river basin — but the origins of misplaced macaroni remains a mystery. Nina Jochnowitz, a local politician who ran for city council in Old Bridge, posted photos to Facebook showing the mounds of cooked pasta dumped near […]

Dreaming about sudden incoming or rising tidal waves; means that some significant events have caused the tidal wave. It relates to an event unexpected like an earthquake. The earthquake event may not directly impact you, but the underlying emotions have affected you dearly. For example, you may have death or cancer news among the friends that you know. […]

An Australian woman won a lottery jackpot worth more than $670,000 using a set of numbers that came to her in a dream. The Altona, Victoria, woman told The Lott officials she bought her ticket for the April 12 Monday & Wednesday Lotto drawing on The Lott’s website while away from home and only discovered she had […]

To dream that you are diving off a cliff; suggests that you will soon take a big challenge. You will meet expectation of others. Take the leap of faith to the next level. Work on seemingly impossible feats when everyone else is doubting your capability. Dream About What You Dive Into Diving Into Swimming Pool To […]

A New Mexico woman was awarded a Guinness World Records title when she demonstrated her ability to turn her foot to an angle of 171.4 degrees. Kelsey Grubb, 32, of Albuquerque, said her figure skating experience led to her becoming curious about her own flexibility after learning of a previous record. I work at a library and […]

  Wedding Item Dream Interpretation Wedding Dress A wedding dress as a dream symbol means that you want to give away to a situation or relationship for good, aka commitment. Wedding Ring or Band To see a wedding ring or wedding band in a dream refers to communication. You care about the connection within your […]

A dog brought into a West Virginia animal shelter was found to have been missing for 6 years from a Virginia home 470 miles away. Workers at the Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Control Shelter said a couple brought a pit bull into the shelter recently and said they found the canine wandering alone at East Lynn Lake […]

Buying a lottery ticket suggests that you want to rely on fate and let nature takes its course. You have little say in the outcome over the grand scheme of things. However, buying a single lottery ticket may also suggest that you make little effort in your success. You may feel too comfortable with your job […]

A British piercing enthusiast broke his own Guinness World Record when the number of flesh tunnels in his face increased to 17. James Goss initially broke the record for most face flesh tunnels in 2020, when he had 14, and broke his own record in 2022 with 15. Goss was awarded the record for a […]