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Author: Angie Sharma

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Dreaming about wearing a ring like a wedding band on the finger typically refers to commitment and communication within the family, and some really close you. Crossing Fingers To dream that you are crossing your fingers symbolizes optimism, success, luck, and hope. Something Slipping Through Your Fingers This indicates that you are losing the grip of your […]

A North Carolina woman scored a $1 million Powerball prize during a Labor Day weekend getaway to the beach. Newlywed April Royal of Fayetteville told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she and her husband went to Southport to spend the holiday weekend at the beach and ended up buying a Powerball ticket at the Circle K on North Howe […]

Dreams of flying an umbrella or flying with an umbrella as wings; suggest that you are enjoying success soon. However, you may need to prepare against major failures that come with success. Your sudden rise in fortune is not yet stable. You may fall from grace, and good luck. Dream About Holding Umbrella for Another Person […]

An Idaho man teamed up with a college athlete to recapture the Guinness World Record for most basketball passes in 1 minute. David Rush, who has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records, originally teamed up with neighbor Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon to set the record at 93, but their record was later taken by another duo who […]

Digging through trash in the dream foretells unpleasant encounters and memories with the opposite sex. Perhaps you still have certain feelings or memories with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriends. And that they are not exactly good for your well-being. Dream About Bringing Another Person’s Trash Home Dreaming about taking another person’s trash home is a sign that you […]

A city in Mexico broke a Guinness World Record by preparing a ball of pulled quesillo cheese that weighed in at 1,230 pounds. Carlos Alberto Albores Lima, municipal president of Pijijiapan, Chiapas, confirmed the ball of quesillo, also known as Oaxaca cheese, officially broke the record of 738.5 pounds, which was set in Acatlán, Hidalgo, in 2022. The quesillo […]

Deep wells in dreams symbolize the depth of your emotions. If you cannot see the bottom of the well, it reflects that you are suppressing your emotions. You are hiding them well so that others have no idea what your true feelings are. Dream About Empty Dry Well Dreaming about an empty well that is […]

A cat living at a Home Depot store in New Jersey has become a full-fledged social media celebrity — and has even been drawing new customers to the business. Jeffrey Simpkins, whose TikTok videos of Leo the cat went viral, said he wanted to document the feline after first encountering him at the Mount Laurel […]

 Rose Bouquet Dreaming about the rose bouquet suggests that you will encounter an occasion to celebrate love with your important family members or another half. About Rose Scent To dream of rose scent or fragrant denotes the faithful love of your sweetheart. Dream About Rose Petals Flower petals in dreams suggest that your love and […]

An Australian woman captured two Guinness World Records titles by showing off the skills of her two unusual talented pets: a miniature horse and a sheep. Noeline Cassettari said she was inspired to seek world record titles for her horse, Rose, and her sheep, Beanie, after her friend, Megan Reimann earned a Guinness World Records […]