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Author: Angie Sharma

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A Massachusetts family used the same set of Keno numbers to win $100,000 from the Massachusetts State Lottery three times in the space of three weeks. Tricia Johnson was playing Keno at Papa Jake’s Sports Bar on Sandwich Road in East Falmouth on March 22 when she scored her first $100,000 prize. Johnson said she played the […]

Killing fleas in dreams foretells fortune and good luck. First, you will address vices and bad habits that cause you to lose money or even health. For example, you might have a better chance at weight loss or address your gambling habits. Then, as a result, you will make money by saving money over time.

The New York museum that houses the World Video Game Hall of Fame announced it is installing a 20-foot Donkey Kong arcade cabinet designed to be the largest in the world. The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester announced on social media it is working to “create the world’s largest, playable Donkey Kong arcade […]

Seeing a dead eel suggests that you will be out of your depth. The dream foretells that you will fail with certain obligations and commitments that you have taken on. It also indicates that you are hard on yourself after such failure. That will seriously impact your self-confidence and ego.

A 21-year-old Chinese college student broke a Guinness World Record when he used only four fingers to do 22 pushups in one minute — and clapped his hands in between each pushup. Zhang Yuxuan, a student at Shaanxi Aviation Vocational and Technical College, said he started training his body with weights and pushups at the […]

To see a trophy display shelf or case, is a reminder of your superiority and status. The dream signals that you feel that you are better than others, you constantly review your past achievements and keep yourself to a high standard.

A New York eatery announced it is bringing back a $214 grilled cheese that was dubbed the world’s most expensive sandwich by Guinness World Records. Serendipity 3, a New York restaurant famous for its opulent creations, announced the Quintessential Grilled Cheese will return to the menu for a limited time Wednesday, National Grilled Cheese Day. The $214 […]

To see or use birthday party candles in the dream represents new beginnings or rebirths. You might come into new ideas or ideologies. These thoughts and wishes will help you achieve a better life. You are looking forward to the future and what the future may bring you.

A California teenager got a $1 million start to adulthood when a lottery ticket he received as an 18th birthday gift turned out to be a top prize winner. Kaleb Heng told California Lottery officials his grandmother gave him the appropriately-named The Perfect Gift scratch-off ticket as a gift on his 18th birthday, the first day he was […]

To see that electrical wire overloaded and started burning with fire, symbolizes bad temper getting to the best of you. Perhaps you are getting wired and overly anxious about some upcoming events. Perhaps you are doing too much and the tasks are overwhelming you.