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Author: Angie Sharma

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The dream of a crying baby represents several essential aspects of life that you have forgotten. You feel lonely; lately, you think others are leaving you. This dream states that you failed to fulfill some of the things you planned. Dreaming about crying babies is a bit confusing, especially if you are a woman. Most people […]

A Baltimore man said he used a set of numbers he inherited from his mother to win a $50,000 lottery prize. Andre Jones told Maryland Lottery officials his mother frequently used the numbers 9-1-5-2 to play Pick 4, and he took over the combination after she died. Jones said he recently decided to try the numbers on Pick […]

A South Korean team’s dog-like “HOUND” was dubbed the fastest robot on four legs when it traversed a distance of 328 feet in 19.87 seconds. The Dynamic Robot Control and Design Laboratory at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon developed the HOUND robot and Guinness World Records confirmed it broke the […]

1. Personal loss One of the most common interpretations for having your teeth fall out in a dream has to do with deep personal loss. This can be related to the: death of a loved one loss of a marriage/partnership loss of a job losing a home There’s also a belief in some religions that […]

A $2 million winning Michigan Lottery ticket spent four months being driven around in the oblivious winner’s truck. The 29-year-old Isabella County man told Michigan Lottery officials he bought his $20 Money scratch-off ticket from the Shepherd E-Z Mart on East Wright Avenue in Shepherd. Every so often I will stop and buy an instant ticket after work,” the […]

When this enigmatic feline shows up in your dreams, take it as an encouragement to explore uncharted territories with an open mind. The black cat symbolizes mystery and the unknown, what is present but elusive, barely conscious. You could be on the verge of uncovering an entirely new facet about yourself or unlocking a secret hidden within […]

The owners of a California museum dedicated to all things rabbit-related earned a Guinness World Records title for their 40,550-piece collection. Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski of Altadena said their collection began in 1993, when Lubanski, who was affectionately known as Lubanski’s “honey bunny,” gifted her a white plush bunny for their first Valentine’s Day as a […]

    Any couple in a dream may symbolize the need to bring together two different components of your psyche to achieve more balance and fullness. For example: (1) We all have a ‘shadow5 and therefore need to learn to converse and consult with our unconscious. (2) Men have a feminine side to their psyche, […]

An Iranian man broke his own Guinness World Record by balancing 88 spoons in various locations on his body. Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari, 51, broke his own record of 85 spoons, which he set in 2021. Mokhtari told Guinness World Records he decided to pursue the record for most spoons balanced on the body after a lifetime of sticking […]

Dream of seeing smoke The dream of seeing smoke shows that you have high expectations, but you must do it very carefully to walk the right path. If you cannot see everything because of the smoke in your dreams, this dream indicates that you have difficulty achieving what you want. This dream does not come […]