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Idaho man decorates beard with 710 baubles for Guinness World Record

Written by on December 21, 2022

Joel Strasser of Kuna earned the Guinness World Record for most beard baubles in a beard when he managed to affix the 710 ornaments to his facial hair. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

An Idaho man with a serial record-breaking beard earned another title with his facial hair when he decorated his face with 710 multicolored Christmas ornaments.

Joel Strasser of Kuna earned the record for most beard baubles in a beard when he managed to affix the 710 ornaments to his facial hair, Guinness World Records announced.

Strasser previously set the record in 2019 with 302 baubles, and broke his own record in 2020 with 542 baubles and then broke it again in 2021 with 686 baubles.

“My technique has evolved and gotten a lot more specialized over the years that I’ve been breaking the record,” Strasser told Guinness World Records. “I stuck them in a lot more haphazardly at first and that’s why those first beard bauble record numbers were so low.

“I found that if I take my time and really focus on the individual strands of beard hair and small groups of hair, I can manage to fit so many more in there.”

Strasser’s other Guinness World Records titles include most paper straws in a beard (534), most straws in a beard (312), most chopsticks in a beard (520), most golf tees in a beard (607), most forks in a beard (126), most toothpicks in a beard (3,500), most clothespins on a beard (359) and most chopsticks put into a beard in one minute (86)

Source : UPI News


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