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Idaho man sets new fist bumps world record

Written by on January 31, 2023

David Rush sets new fist bumps world record -

An Idaho man has set a new world record for fist bumps.

Frequent Guinness World Record-breaker David Rush broke the previous Guinness World Record for the most alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds.

Rush shared a video Sunday of himself taking on the feat with his neighbor’s son, Joey Hannon. The pair managed 273 alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds, nearly 100 more than Nafees Istay Taufiq Antu and Akibur Rahman Saikat’s previous record of 174.

“Joey and I had to punch each other thousands of times to make this happen. We bled, we sweated. We bruised. We got rid of the unfair pain when Joey made me take off my brass knuckles (wedding band),” Rush wrote on his website.

“The final result: 273 alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds taking down the previous record of 174 by a large margin. We actually made contact 297 times in 30 seconds but Guinness has stringent qualifications for what constitutes valid alternating fist bumps and 24 had to be disqualified,” he said.

Rush said the achievement was “more technical and challenging” than his previous world record for the most fist bumps in one minute with different people.

Source : UPI news

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