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India surpasses China as most populated country.

Written by on May 29, 2023

India has become the most populated country in the world with an estimated population of over 1.425 billion people.

New figures from the United Nations’ Population Division have estimated India’s number of residents to be 1,425,775,850.

That means the nation now officially holds the record for highest population, country.

India has surpassed China, which had a peak of 1.426 billion inhabitants in 2022, followed by a decline.

China had held the record ever since the UN started keeping track of population sizes around the globe in the 1950s.

Surprisingly, India has overtaken China despite being almost THREE TIMES smaller.

India has an area of 3.287 million sq km (1.269 m sq mi), while China covers a whopping 9.597 m sq km (4 m sq mi).

China is only slightly smaller than the United States, is the largest country in Asia and the fourth largest country in the world.

In terms of total area, India is the seventh largest country in the world.

(Source: Guinness World Records)

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