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Jump-roping cat breaks Guinness World Record

Written by on August 21, 2023

Watch: Jump-roping cat breaks Guinness World Record

A 13-year-old Missouri cat showed off his jump-roping skills and broke a Guinness World Record by skipping nine times in 1 minute.

Kit Kat, working together with owner Trisha Seifried, vaulted over the rope nine times to break the record for most skips by a cat in 1 minute.

By 6 months old Kit Kat was jumping rope in front of huge crowds of people at the farm, helping to bust myths that cats can’t be trained,” Seifried told GWR.

Seifried runs an animal talent agency, and Kit Kat’s showbiz resume includes a social media campaign for Friskies cat food and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Jumping rope is definitely his most impressive trick, however because of his age we do keep his jumping to a minimum. I would say his favorite trick now is high five, he loves high-fiving all his fans at events,” Seifried said.

Source : UPI News

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