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Lost dog found after 6 1/2 years living on her own in the woods

Written by on December 21, 2023

A dog named Rose was found living in the woods in England 6 1/2 years after she fled from her new family fewer than 24 hours after being adopted. Photo courtesy of Lost Dog Recovery UK South/Facebook

A dog who fled from her new family within 24 hours of being adopted was found in England after living on her own in the woods for more than 6 years.

Lost Dog Recovery UK South said team members were alerted to a stray dog in Crawley Down, West Sussex, in late November, so cameras were set up to investigate whether it was a loose canine or a pet that was allowed to roam free.

They discovered the dog was a black Patterdale terrier, and neighbors told the rescuers they had been feeding the stray dog for years.

The dog was lured into a trap baited with chicken, and the rescue group was shocked to learn the canine had been reported missing 6 1/2 years earlier by a family who had adopted her fewer than 24 hours before she fled.

The dog, named Rose, was determined to be 12 years old now and had lived half of her life in the woods after fleeing from her family.

Rescuers said the family who originally adopted Rose were unable to take her back, as their circumstances have changed, but they were happy to hear she was found alive and well.

Source : UPI News


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