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Man uses eye socket strength to break two Guinness World Records

Written by on July 8, 2024

With a protrusion of 18.2 mm, man sets Guinness World Record title for the  farthest eyeball pop | Life-style News - The Indian Express

A Las Vegas man who works as a sideshow artist broke a pair of eye-popping Guinness World Records using the strength of his eye sockets.

Andrew Stanton appeared on Italian TV series Lo Show Dei Record in Milan and took on the records for the heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets and the heaviest weight lifted with both eye sockets while swallowing a sword.

For the first title, Stanton attached large metal hooks to his eye sockets and used them to pull a Cadillac and driver — totaling 5,319.75 pounds — across the TV show’s stage.

He became the first holder of the second title by swallowing his sword and using the hooks in his eye sockets to lift his 129.63-pound assistant.

Source : UPI News

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