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Man uses forehead to smash walnuts, claim rival’s world record

Written by on August 5, 2023

Watch: Man uses forehead to smash walnuts, claim rival's world record

A martial artist from India recaptured a Guinness World Record from his longtime rival by smashing 273 walnuts with his forehead in 1 minute.

Naveen Kumar, 27, used his forehead to smash the raw common walnuts, breaking the record of 254, set by serial record-breaker Muhammad Rashid in 2017.

Rashid first held the record with 150 walnuts in 2014, and broke his own record with 181 in 2016. Kumar broke the record in 2017 by cracking 217 walnuts.

The two men went head-to-head in a Guinness World Records challenge on an Italian TV special later that same year, with Kumar breaking 239 walnuts and Rashid taking the record back with 254.

Rashid said he trained with Prabhakar Reddy, a serial world record-breaker with several of his own GWR titles in martial arts categories.

Source : UPI News

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