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New Mexico woman’s foot rotates 171.4 degrees

Written by on May 3, 2023

Kelsey Grubb earned a Guinness World Record when she demonstrated her ability to rotate her foot 171.4 degrees. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

A New Mexico woman was awarded a Guinness World Records title when she demonstrated her ability to turn her foot to an angle of 171.4 degrees.

Kelsey Grubb, 32, of Albuquerque, said her figure skating experience led to her becoming curious about her own flexibility after learning of a previous record.

I work at a library and the newest world record book had just come out. A coworker was flipping through and randomly opened to the page with the largest foot rotation and said ‘Ew! That’s so gross,'” Grubb recalled. “Naturally I looked over her shoulder and said, ‘I think I can do that.'”

Grubb is now the official record holder for the largest foot rotation (female), after proving she can easily turn her foot 171.4 degrees.

“Most people are grossed out and fascinated at the same time,” she said. “The most common phrase I’ve heard about it is not that the movement itself is gross, just the ease at which I turn it.”

Source : UPI News

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