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New Orleans man’s 16.4-foot okra plant breaks world record

Written by on October 4, 2022

Meet Big Okra: Guinness World Records declares New Orleans man's 16.4-foot  okra plant the tallest | Entertainment/Life |

A New Orleans man earned a Guinness World Records title by growing an okra plant that reached heights of 16.4 feet.

Jack Sweeney said the plant he affectionately dubbed “Big Okra” seemed like it might be a world record when it grew to be taller than his house.

This is Big Okra, you know, he’s the boss, he’s Big Okra,” Sweeney told WGNO-TV.

Sweeney submitted evidence of the okra’s stature to Guinness World Records and recently received word that its officially the world’s tallest okra plant.

Sweeney said he had to tie twine to the top of Big Okra so he could pull it down toward the ground to harvest okra pods.

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