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To make weddings unique, people spend money like water. They don’t do anything for a modern wedding, but something different happened at a wedding in Indore. In this wedding imbued with Indian culture, the scene which is normally seen in religious events was seen. A marriage in Indore is in discussion. Why not talk about […]

Ingredients (Serves 4) 250gms Sea bass fillets 3 tbsp vegetable oil 150gms onion finely chopped 1 birds eye green chilli finely chopped (add an extra one if you like it spicy) 1½” ginger blended to a smooth paste with water ½ tsp turmeric powder ¼ tsp mild chilli powder 1 tbsp white wine vinegar Pinch […]

An Idaho man on a quest to concurrently hold 183 Guinness World Records brought his total to 163 by using a pump-powered rocket to hit a target 37 times in a row. David Rush, who has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records, said his son receiving a rocket as a gift inspired him to […]

Bring back some morning motivation into your routine Dark mornings, dark evenings, it may feel like you’re not getting to see daylight these days. If the dark mornings are making it a challenge to get out of bed and disrupting your usual routine you’re not alone! The change in daylight hours means we get less […]

Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday today, March 14. As he turned 59, the superstar continued the tradition of cutting the cake with the media. But this year, he was not alone. He was joined by the team of Laapataa Ladies – director Kiran Rao and actors Sparsh Shrivastava, Nitanshi Goel and Pratibha Ranta. Aamir Khan […]

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, one name shines brightly, captivating audiences with every performance – Kareena Kapoor Khan. As she revels in the success of her recent thriller, Jaane Jaan, the anticipation mounts for her next venture, Crew. In a recent interaction with her fans, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared insights into her upcoming project. She […]

Priyanka Chopra on Thursday night returned to Mumbai. She was accompanied by her adorable daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. The much-anticipated homecoming was teased by the Citadel star who took to her Instagram stories to share the news. Draped in an effortlessly chic black ensemble complemented by a stylish beach hat, Priyanka radiated elegance and grace as […]

This Date roll recipe will steal your heart and is perfect for any festive celebration like Christmas, Easter, or Eid. What makes this date log even more amazing is that it has no gluten, no eggs, and no sugar. AND you can make it in less than 30 minutes. Ingredients Nuts ¼ cup almond, chopped ¼ cup cashew, chopped 2 tablespoon pistachio, chopped 2 tablespoon walnuts, chopped Other 2 tablespoon sesame seeds […]

A Georgia woman’s cat was missing for 7 years before being found living with a colony of strays about a mile from home. Liz Gillespie said her lynx point Siamese mix, named for basketball star Kevin Durant, went missing from her Rock Spring home about 7 years ago. I live next door to 30 acres and […]

    Pooja Bhatt says Raha Kapoor is the brightest in their family: ‘Like Apple phone, each model gets better’ Pooja Bhatt is the aunt of Raha Kapoor, the one-year-old daughter of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The actor-filmmaker had this to say about her niece. “I can assure you. I think she seems to […]