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A classic Mangalorean-style Ghee Roast chicken is a traditional recipe from the kitchen of Mangalorean households. A combination of succulent pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in a robust masala cooked in rich ghee. This recipe will literally leave your family asking for more. Ingredients 1 Chicken breasts, cut into small pieces 3 tablespoons Curd (Dahi […]

To dream that you are in pain suggests that you are being too hard on yourself, especially if a situation was out of your control. The dream may also be a true reflection of actual pain that exists somewhere in your body. Dreams can reveal and warn about health problems. Consider where the pain is […]

An Idaho man who recently took on two weight-based strength records put his endurance to the test by attempting to transfer 60 pounds of weight from hand to hand. David Rush, who has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records, recently attempted the records for fastest time to transfer 20 and 40 pound weights from hand to hand 100 […]

Readers would be aware that Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani were often spotted hanging outside some of the most popular restaurants in Mumbai during weekends. While Karan Johar and even Kriti Sanon, who accompanied Shroff in the episode of Koffee With Karan 7, had often pointed out his camaraderie with Patani neither of the actors […]

Shah Rukh Khan was the surprise guest at the launch of Gauri Khan’s book, ‘My Life In Design’. He also stole the show as he shared interesting anecdotes. His introduction speech was touching and even his closing statements left a lasting impression. Towards the end of the event, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Before we walked […]

However unpleasant and nasty cockroaches may be, you don’t have to worry when you dream of cockroaches, they can also symbolize positive things, depending on the context of your dream. Try to remember as much of your dream as possible as certain aspects can completely change the meaning of your dream. After much research, the […]

Joseph Dituri, a University of South Florida associate professor, broke a world record for the longest time living underwater Saturday, when he marked his 74th day at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Dubbed Project Neptune, Dituri’s undersea adventure began March 1 as a mission of the Marine Resources Development Foundation combining research and ocean conservation […]

A little over a week ago we saw the release of the Vipul Shah production The Kerala Story. Starring Adah Sharma the film received mixed responses to its trailer, however based somewhat on true events the business of the film at the box office witnessed a good rate of growth. In fact, after opening on a […]

Dreaming of a cat could mean that you will get unexpected responses or find some surprising behaviors in one of your relationships in the next two days. It is best to keep your mind flexible to face them. In such an unusual atmosphere, there are some strange and unpredictable actions and relationships that deviate from social conventions, and these […]

The world’s oldest dog, a Portugal canine named Bobi, is celebrating his milestone 31st birthday on Thursday. Bobi, born May 11, 1992, was named the world’s oldest dog living and oldest dog ever by Guinness World Records earlier this year. Bobi has lived in the village of Conqueiros with his owner, Leonel Costa, 38, for his entire life. […]