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Shopping and buying a mirror in the dream suggests that you need to really look at yourself; it signifies a time of self-realization and understanding who you are. If the dream is about getting a mirror from someone else, it can relate to the expectation of that someone towards you. Your mind is wondering if […]

A Czech Republic man showed off his powerful jaws by biting 36 drink cans in half in 1 minute, earning a Guinness World Record. René Richter, appearing on Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record, took on the Guinness World Record for most drinks cans ripped in half with the teeth in 1 minute. The aluminum cans were filled with […]

Priyanka Chopra has officially launched her first make-up collection with Max Factor. The launch took place in the UK. The collection includes the Masterpiece Eye Palette, nine Colour Elixir Lipsticks and eight Miracle Pure Nail Polishes. Priyanka Chopra looked the epitome of glamour in the campaign shoot. Inclusivity is the backbone of this collection and […]

Coachella announced its line-up for the 2023 festival and it is the first time in history that the headliners aren’t white musicians. The upcoming mega-festival will be headlined by Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny, K-pop sensations BLACKPINK and musician Frank Ocean. Amongst the line-up includes Indian sensation Diljit Dosanjh who is set to make his […]

The dream suggests that you will soon embrace a new and exciting experience. New attitudes and opportunities will present themselves. Please note that we will soon expand on this Sandals dream meaning to become even more detailed. Please check back later!

An Indian artist specializing in miniaturized versions of everyday objects celebrated the upcoming Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 by creating what he believes to be the world’s smallest hockey stick. Satya Narayan Maharana carved a pair of minute wooden hockey sticks: one measuring 1 centimeter (.39 inches) tall and 1 millimeter (.039 inches) wide, and the other […]

People always talk about physical stimulation and keeping your body healthy, but where’s the brain gym to help keep your wits sharp? Most people don’t realize that engaging in mental stimulation is just as important as keeping your body in shape, but that’s what International Brainteaser Month hopes to change. Everyone loves a good riddle. […]

No matter their skin colour, race, the nation of origin, religion, or gender, it is only right and reasonable for people to be paid fairly equally for performing the same jobs for their employers. Sadly, despite many decades of activism toward workplace equality, workers continue to experience pay inequality in workplaces all over the globe. […]

Graduation Cap Graduation cap in the dream points to a big accomplishment. You are proudly wearing a trophy or title based on your achievement. If you toss your cap into the air in the dream; it suggests that you are content with yourself in waking life. You can let go of your current worries and enjoy life. […]

An Idaho man launched a sausage roll in the air and a second man caught it in his mouth to break a Guinness World Record. David Rush, who has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, enlisted the help of frequent collaborator Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon to take on the record for farthest throw […]