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Enjoy the beauty of this versatile and delicious dish on National Fried Rice Day! History of National Fried Rice Day Beginning as a sort of catchall recipe and often made with the leftovers from other dishes, fried rice flavors can vary significantly. It’s usually made with rice that is a day or two old and […]

Kriti Sanon is currently taking a break from her work commitment for some down time. After her win at Filmfare Awards for Best Actor (Female), the actress decided to take off on a fun trip with her family. Not too long ago, she shared photos from her Monaco vacay and now the actress has jumped […]

The general opinion about work is this: no one wants to do it. However, have you ever heard of a week-long holiday that encourages happiness at work? International Week of Happiness at Work is a holiday that’s all about bringing happiness back into the workplace. If work is part of our daily lives, then one […]

The constant woes in relation to the Sukesh Chandrashekhar Rs.200 crore extortion case have not ended for actress Jacqueline Fernandez. After her name was included as an accused in the case, the actress was questioned by the Economics Offences Wing in Delhi about her relationship with the conman and his accomplice Pinky Irani. Now, the […]

🐴 is a very special animal that is very sensitive to human feelings – the owner of the video tells the story of the loss of his father. One day she went to work at the stable. At that moment, all the horses stood around her, trying to support her — Tansu YEĞEN (@TansuYegen) […]

Put Two Old Pillows Together To extend the life of your old pillows, place two of them together when they get flat. This should give you a firmer pillow and allow you to extend the usefulness of old pillows. Turn Old Pillows Into Floor Cushions Another great idea for your old pillows is to turn […]

If you haven’t tried using flax seeds on your skin yet, then what are you waiting for? Try it today to get amazing results. Flaxseeds And Water For A Firm Skin You Will Need 1 tablespoon flaxseeds 1/3 cup water A plastic bowl What You Need To Do Bring the water to boil and add […]

Try out this simple yet delicious recipe for your friend and family this weekend. INGREDIENTS ½ cup milk, warm 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp dry yeast 2 cups maida / plain flour / all-purpose flour / refined flour ¼ tsp baking powder 2 tbsp butter, room temperature pinch of salt ½ cup water, or as […]

Dream About Steelworking Dream About Casting or Forging Steel To dream about casting and forging steel to make weapons like armor or knife in the dream; suggests that you need to address your aggression and aggressive urges. After the process, you may develop a strong and assertive character. You are ready for war and to fight for your beliefs. […]

A Maryland man who saw the same address on TV twice ended up using the number combination to play the lottery and won $50,000. The 82-year-old Hyattsville man told Maryland Lottery officials the Pick 5 ticket he bought for the Sept. 1 drawing at AJ Liquors in Brentwood bore a set of numbers from an unusual source. was […]