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Pair of pilots fly to 48 states in under 48 hours

Written by on June 30, 2023

Delta pilots Aaron Wilson and Barry Behnfeldt flew to 48 states in under 48 hours, stopping at an airport in each state along the way. Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines

A pair of pilots and a repair technician took a six-seat plane for a flight and successfully landed in 48 states in under 48 hours.

Delta A350 Capt. Barry Behnfeldt said he was inspired by another pilot’s Guinness World Record attempt to make his own attempt at visiting 48 states in 48 hours.

He enlisted Delta A321 Capt. Aaron Wilson to be his co-pilot and Thomas Twiddy, who served with Behnfeldt in the Navy, to be their in-flight repair technician.

The trio took off in a six-seat 1980 PA32R Piper Saratoga in Michigan and landed at one airport in each of the 48 contiguous states, finishing in Maine.

The team finished their journey with a time of 44 hours and 7 minutes, beating their goal of 48 hours. They celebrated the end of their journey by spelling out “48N48” in the sky.

The team said they are now seeking a Guinness World Record for their accomplishment.

SOurce : UPI News

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