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Pizza topped with 1,001 varieties of cheese baked in France

Written by on December 29, 2023

French chefs create pizza with 834 different cheeses breaking record | Guinness  World Records

A pair of French pizza chefs teamed up with a cheesemaker and a YouTube star to create a pizza featuring 1,001 different types of cheese.

Chefs Benoît Bruel and Fabien Montellanico worked with cheesemaker Sophie Hatat Richart-Luna and YouTuber Florian OnAir to break the Guinness World Record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza.

Bruel previously set the record at 254 cheeses in 2020, but his record was later broken by Morgan Niquet, who cooked a pizza topped with 834 varieties of cheese.

The team’s new pizza also took the record for the largest display of cheese varieties, which was previously set at 730 by fellow Frenchman Philippe Marchand in 2016.

Bruel said 940 of the pungent pie’s cheeses came from France, while the others were sourced from countries around the world.

“I have been a pizza maker for 13 years,” Bruel told Guinness World Records. “I invented my own pizza recipes, and since working in my own business, my only dream is to make pizzas with the widest variety of cheeses.”

Source : UPi news

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