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Pro skaters earn five titles at Guinness World Records event in London

Written by on March 13, 2023

Skateboarding star Jamie Griffin smashes records as pros go head-to-head | Guinness  World Records

Guinness World Records held an event for pro skateboarders in London that led to five records being broken.

The record-keeping organization invited five pro skaters to visit Hop Kingdom in London to attempt records under the supervision of adjudicator Will Munford.

Jamie Griffin, reigning champion of the Battle at the Berrics 12, earned the records for most skateboard heelflips in one minute, 28, and most varial heelflips in one minute, 23.

Alex Decunha broke the record for most skateboard kickflips in one minute blindfolded, 23, and Oska Sullivan set the record for most skateboard half-cab blunt fakies in one minute, 29.

Hungarian skater Miklos Peller closed out the event by breaking the record for most nollie heelflips in one minute, 19.

Source : UPI News


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