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School employees hide $1 million Powerball ticket in math book

Written by on February 9, 2024

A group of 30 current and former employees from a Kentucky middle school won a $1 million Powerball prize using a set of numbers they have been using since 2019. Photo courtesy of the Kentucky Lottery

A group of 30 current and former workers at a Kentucky middle school scored a $1 million Powerball prize with numbers they have been playing for years — and hid the winning ticket in a math textbook.

The group of current and former employees from Rector A. Jones Middle School in Florence have been playing the lottery together for years, and they have been using the same set of numbers since 2019.

We’ve got counselors, admins, special-ed teachers, the school nurse … Some have moved on or retired but we still continue to do it. We’ve remained buddies for all of these years.”

The group’s organizer discovered the ticket for the Jan. 27 Powerball drawing was a $1 million second prize winner and stashed it in a math textbook.

“No one looks in a math book,” she said. “I knew it would be safe there … page 200. I have checked this a thousand times.”

Members of the group said their numbers were chosen at random.

Our math teacher and assistant principal pulled them out of a hat,” one winner explained. “At first, we didn’t have the right amount of numbers to choose from, so we drew again. Thank goodness we did.”

Each member took home $24,000 after taxes.

Winners said their plans for the prize money include investing, home repairs and travel.

“A lot of us have gone on trips together, we’ve had babies and grandbabies over the years,” a group member said. “We always have so much fun. It’s just cool to win as a group and share this experience.”

Source : UPI News

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