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Talented dog earns more than £15,000 selling her paintings online

Written by on February 11, 2022

Ivy has been painting for seven years

A talented nine-year-old dog has racked in £15,000 by selling their incredible paintings.

Owner Lisa Kite, 58, began teaching her nine-year-old dog, Ivy, how to paint when she was just aged two.

After noticing how quickly she picked it up, Lisa started trying her out with different types of paint, starting with watercolours before moving on to acrylics.

Lisa, from North Carolina, US, said: “It didn’t take long to teach her how to paint; she was painting within a week.

“Initially, I trained her to get a beer from the fridge to impress my adult children when they came to visit and from there, I taught her lots of different tricks.

“She’ll do the basic commands like sit, roll over and shake but she’s learned how to sort the washing, take my jacket off, wipe her feet, and put coins in the bank.

Lisa added: “I’ve given so many paintings away but we sell them all over the world; I’m blown away by how many people want one of her paintings.”

Despite not being an artist herself, Lisa loves seeing the art her pup creates and sets Monday as their day of the week to paint, with Ivy having five paintings on the go at once.

Lisa donates the profits from Ivy’s artwork to local charities and food banks in their area.

She said: “This is fun for Ivy; she is trained using positive reinforcement and is putting good into the world.

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