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Terrifying haunted doll changes facial expression, giggles and moves voodoo figures

Written by on August 3, 2022

Creepily distorting his face and overheard making menacing giggling noises, this is one doll you wouldn’t want your kids playing with.
Robert the doll is an allegedly haunted doll whose name does not do justice to the terror he has left previous owners in.
And don’t be fooled by his innocent appearance, either. So petrified have people been by the doll and his dark story, that they have to ask permission to take his photograph.
Widely renowned as the inspiration behind the Chucky horror films, Robert was initially given to a four-year-old child called Gene Otto, by his parents in Key West, Florida, in 1904.

‘Haunted doll’ that inspired Chucky from Child’s Play is kept in a locked glass case for people’s own safety
Gene was said to be incredibly attached to his new playmate and was frequently heard having conversations with him in which he would speak back.
While the Otto’s initially thought their son was making up the voices, they soon realised there was something far more sinister at play when they spotted him moving around the house on various occasions.
Gene continued to refuse to be separated from Robert well into his adulthood and even kept him by his side while painting due to his profession as an artist later in life.
Kept propped up in an upstairs window, schoolchildren walking past would report seeing the doll disappear and re-appear, and began avoiding the house entirely.
Following his death in 1974, Robert was then picked up by Myrtle Reuter who moved into the artist’s home.
Visitors to the house would claim to have heard footsteps and giggling from the attic where he was kept and would see his facial expressions contort if anyone badmouthed his previous owner.

The supposedly haunted Robert the Doll is one of the prime attractions found at the East Martello Tower art gallery in the city of Key West, Florida
Robert was donated to Key West’s Fort East Martello Museum where he has been kept behind UV-protectant glass ever since.
Those who visit ask his permission before taking photographs or filming, as it’s said those who haven’t had previously faced a multitude of misfortunes, such as a car crash, broken bones, job losses and marriage breakdowns.
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