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The dream of your husband

Written by on December 1, 2023

Dead Person Alive in Dreams: Reasons and Interpretations - InstaAstro

The dream of your husband is, in general, a good omen. However, if in your dream you see yourself laughing and joking with your husband, this foretells an argument regarding an inheritance or a large amount of money. Getting back with your husband is a sign of a future complicated situation. Cuddling with your husband is also an omen of unpleasant events. If a single woman dreams she has a husband and she sees him, this means she is ready for this sort of relationship. If a married woman dreams of her husband, this could mean problems in the family. Family arguments are also foretold by a dream of your husband growing a mustache or a beard or both. If in your dream you are neglecting your husband, this means you make yourself available to help people in the real life.

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