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Vermont lineworkers rescue parrot stuck 60 feet up in a tree

Written by on February 14, 2022

Vermont lineworkers rescue parrot stuck 60 feet up in a tree

Power company workers in Vermont came to the rescue of a panicked parrot that flew 60 feet up a tree and was too afraid of flying to come back down.

Massachusetts resident Thea Everest said she brought her macaw, Kaiba, along to visit her father in Battleboro, but before they went inside the house the parrot became spooked.

“Normally, I’ll put him down right before we go inside so he can use the bathroom,” Everest told WCAX-TV. “And a bird flew by like right next to him and he got spooked.”

Kaiba ended up flying to a tree branch about 60 feet off the ground, where he remained.

Everest said Kaiba’s previous owners had kept his wings clipped, so he has only recently been learning how to fly.

“Being in that tree, I think he was stuck and scared,” Everest said.

Everest sought help on a local bird spotting group on Facebook, and someone suggested she contact Green Mountain Power to get assistance from lineworkers with a bucket truck.

“I was like, ‘Hey, I know this is a weird call,’ and they’re like, ‘It’s OK, we like the weird ones,'” Everest said. “I was like, ‘Amazing, I’m excited.’ I was freaking out. I’d been nervous the whole day.”

The workers said it was a highly unusual call.

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