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Virginia man buys 24 tickets for one lottery drawing, wins $120,000

Written by on September 27, 2023

Dennis Fears bought 24 tickets for a single Pick 4 drawing and won 24 $5,000 top prizes, for a grand total of $120,000. Photo courtesy of the Virginia Lottery

A Virginia man bought 24 tickets bearing the numbers 8-8-8-8 for the same Pick 4 drawing and ended up winning a total $120,000.

Dennis Fears of Chesapeake told Virginia Lottery officials he bought 24 identical tickets for the same Pick 4 drawing at the 7-Eleven store on Portsmouth Boulevard in Chesapeake.

Fears’ number combination, 8-8-8-8, paid off in the drawing, earning him 24 $5,000 top prizes — a grand total of $120,000.

Fears said he has not yet made any plans for his winnings.

Source : UPI News

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