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Woman buys five identical lottery tickets, wins five times in one night

Written by on February 2, 2024

An Everett, Wash., woman bought five identical tickets for the same Match 4 lottery drawing and ended up winning a total $50,000. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI

A Washington woman bought four identical tickets for the same lottery drawing and ended up winning five top prizes — a total $50,000.

The Everett woman, identified only as K.L., told Washington’s Lottery officials her mother was on her mind when she bought her Match 4 tickets, so the numbers she selected were a combination of her mother’s birthday and her own birthday.

The drawing, held on K.L.’s mother’s wedding anniversary, resulted in all five of her tickets winning a $10,000 top prize.

K.L. said her husband was struck speechless when she told him about her win.

The winner said some of her prize money will be donated to local non-profit organizations and animal charities.

Source : UPI News

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