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5 steps to getting smoother skin while shaving less often

Written by on March 27, 2023


A lot of women don’t know that there are methods to remain smooth and hair-free for longer and not feel stubbles on their legs the next day already. These five steps we’ve got for you today might just help you ensure your legs will remain silky smooth for as long as possible. Expensive, painful treatments are a thing of the past. These steps are simple and cheap and will save you a lot of time!
Step 1: Scrub
Make sure that you thoroughly scrub your legs before you start shaving. By doing this, you remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, which means your skin will become more supple and the hairs can be reached more easily by the razor. The better the scrub, the better the result. You can just use your usual scrub for this.
Step 2: Take a short shower (so not too long!)
Take a nice shower before you start shaving. The warm water will also make your skin more supple and it will cause your skin to swell slightly as well. This makes it easier and more pleasant to shave. However, do make sure your hot shower doesn’t last too long. After three minutes, your skin will be in the perfect shape to be shaved. If you shower for longer than five minutes or you shower much too hot, your skin will swell too much. This makes it harder to shave and it will also ensure the hair will come back faster.
Step 3: Don’t save money on your razor
Always make sure your razor is sharp and that you use the kind of razor that fits your skin. It might seem like nonsense, but by using the wrong razor on, for example, dry skin, you can damage the skin and it will take a long time for it to recover. Your skin is an important organ, so be careful with it! Do you have dry skin? Then you should use a razor with a moisturiser in it. This will grease the skin, more or less. If you have greasy skin, to begin with, this razor will be much less effective.
Step 4: Use good-quality shaving foam or gel
This step might just be the most important one because shaving is quite the attack on your skin! Always make sure you properly care for your skin in between shaving sessions. While you’re shaving, though, you should make sure you use a proper, good-quality shaving foam or gel that’s suited to your particular skin. This will make the skin more supple, supply the right minerals and make moving the razor easier.
Step 5: Rub baby oil on your skin when you’re done
Get out that baby oil and rub! Baby skin is very vulnerable to outside influences. That’s why baby oil manufacturers get one thing very right: making nurturing, good-quality oil. After you’re done shaving, rub baby oil on your skin. This will care for the skin and it will cause the hair to come back less quickly as well since it narrows the openings through which the hair grows.
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