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You can easily learn how to cover gray hair naturally at home. Gray hair is one of the most feared problems for people who are entering their 30s. You may disagree, but no one thinks about gray hair until they have their own. That is when you begin to feel as though the world is collapsing […]

If you haven’t tried using flax seeds on your skin yet, then what are you waiting for? Try it today to get amazing results. Flaxseeds And Water For A Firm Skin You Will Need 1 tablespoon flaxseeds 1/3 cup water A plastic bowl What You Need To Do Bring the water to boil and add […]

While bitter gourd has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, cucumber’s high water content allows the skin to remain moisturised. Both together makes an amazing pack to cleanse the skin and soothes skin irritation. Ingredients 1 bitter gourd 1 cucumber Blender Steps  Start by deseeding the bitter gourd and the cucumber. Then dice them into smaller pieces. […]

Perhaps you don’t want to look younger but most of us certainly don’t want to appear older. I’d like to think that most of us want to appear youthful and hip. Let’s look at some examples of what can date us or make us appear older and how to fix it. Too Much Or The […]

Ageing is an inevitable process. It happens to every living being on earth and cannot be avoided. However, often we see people who look amazing and have the energy of youngsters. While getting older is inescapable, ageing mentally can be dealt with in a rewarding way. We’ve seen several celebrities who look their best selves […]

Should you go to the gym with full-on make-up? Dermatologists Dr Joshua Ziechner and Dr Hadley King are setting the record straight on whether wearing foundation while you work out can lead to breakouts. Can Working Out While Wearing Makeup on Cause Acne?  If you’ve become accustomed to applying a full face of foundation before working up a […]

Some of the other benefits of using a “finishing” powder include minimising pores and fine lines, Absorbs oils to keep your skin looking fresh and clean, Prolongs wear of Foundation, Lipcolor, and Eyecolor, It can also be worn on bare skin for a fresh, feather-light finish and works beautifully for all skin tones and types Here is her […]

1. Fix Your Diet Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet! Protein is key for healthy hair and nail growth, so make sure you’re eating lean protein and drinking plenty of water too! 2. Get Regular Trims Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks can help promote healthy hair growth. It’s also a great opportunity […]

Do you have problems with wrinkles? If you are annoyed with all those expensive creams and beauty treatments, here in this article we offer you this natural recipe that will help you get rid of the wrinkles, even those ones in the most problematic areas. Make this homemade cream and you will feel reborn. The […]

If you wish to have long and shiny hair then you will have to take good care of your scalp just like actress Malaika Arora. Here are her secret ingredients to healthy beautiful air. The secret ingredients Cold-pressed coconut oil Castor oil Olive oil Methi(Fenugreek) seeds Curry leaves The process In a glass jar, mix […]