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Akshay Kumar says”THUNDER Don’t DISCOURAGE me”.

Written by on October 8, 2023

Akshay Kumar’s courtroom drama OMG 2 was released after suffering negativity due to the insane number of cuts imposed by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Despite the cuts, the film was awarded an ‘A’ certificate. Akshay Kumar, during the promotions of his latest release, Mission Raniganj, was asked about it and whether it upsets him that the under-18 youngsters couldn’t watch such an important film.

Akshay Kumar replied, “Well, rules are rules. They (Central Board of Film Certification) felt it was an adult film. But did you guys feel it was an adult film? It was a film that should be shown to youngsters because I made it for them. Thankfully, it’s going to come tomorrow on Netflix. The important thing is that people should know about it.”

He further discussed this topic while also opening up about whether he faces pressure when backing such unconventional films that might probably not score at the box office. Akshay opined, “When I made Toilet – Ek Prem Katha (2017), everybody told me, ‘Yeh koi title hua? Are you mad? Are you telling me that you are making a film on shauchalaya?’. I went ahead and made it. Don’t discourage me by making me think how much business my films will do. Give me courage that I should think at least, these kinds of films are made so that we can enlighten the audience that it’s time to change the society.”

He further said, “I made a film on sanitary pads (Pad Man; 2018). Kisi ke baap mein dum nahin tha ki sanitary pad pe film banaye. Koi haath bhi nahin lagata tha pad ko. I won’t name the person but I was standing with someone. We all stood with pads. He also was handed one pad. His PA whispered in my ear, ‘Yeh inke haath mein mat dilao. Accha nahin lagta’.”

(Source: Bollywood Hungama)

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