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Brother in dream meaning

Written by on June 27, 2022

What Does it Mean to Dream About Brother? - What Dream Means

Seeing your brother commit a crime in a dream could mean hypocrisy from your existing brother, but also long life, but free of pleasures. Seeing a brother in your dream that in reality is not your sibling could foretell unfulfilled wishes and jealousy. Having a brother talk to you in a dream is a positive omen.

If in your dream you fight with your brother, it can suggest someone close will suffer a broken heart and will experience sadness (not you of course). It could be an omen that you might be needed in a friendship context. Recognizing your brother in the dream suggests that you must do some corrections in your life. An older brother is the sign of a life without worries and a courageous gesture. A younger brother foretells a person that will help you in your family.

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