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Dreaming of Seeing a White Cow This is a great dream, particularly for lovers and travelers. White is a color associated with purity and dignity. Also, it is a color that represents new beginnings. Seeing a white cow in your dream foretells the start of a new adventure. Perhaps a new job that you have […]

The dream of seeing a river symbolizes adventure and journey. The river can symbolize the attitude you have when you go through various events in your being. Like a flowing river, it also symbolizes your running life. When you dream about a river, pay attention to all the details of the dream. It’s not only the river […]

If you are single and a dream about a wedding pops up in your mind, it means that you are about to embark on a journey where you will commit yourself to a particular thing, be it relationships, career or any other major life decision.

The flute is a melodious instrument, so most assume these dreams bring good news. However, it’s not right to assume that from the get-go. Instead, know the truth here… Flute dreams suggest a peaceful life. You will be able to maintain harmony in your work and personal life. If you’re in a dilemma, it indicates […]

Floods are often associated with the idea of purification and starting afresh. In dreams, a flood may signify the need for emotional cleansing, releasing negative emotions or past traumas, and embracing a fresh start. Loss and Grief. Dreams about a flood can also symbolize loss and grief.

Having a dog bite you in a dream can indicate internal aggression. Such a vision helps you get in touch with your impulse in an attempt to acknowledge and control it. A ferocious animal in a dream can signify your own anger and hostility toward someone or something.

The dream is positive if you receive a friend in your house, and it suggests good relationships with others. Friends in dreams can be omens of your past. Our dreams can contain messages about others: maybe in ways, we could help them or warnings to stay away from them! If you dream suddenly that a friend […]

This dream symbolizes possible problems or some kind of danger. You might experience an unpleasant situation in traffic. It is also possible that you will have some minor health issues. Dreaming of a swarm of hornets This dream has the same meaning as the previous one. The only difference is that this dream suggests bigger […]

To see a princess in your dream mean that you will have temporary happiness, have your head in the clouds, and crow over. Alternatively, it is telling you that you won’t know the value of your own money, you should save money for your needs in the future. To meet, speak with a princess in your […]

An unknown elderly person in a dream represents one’s good luck, happiness and one’s assiduity and diligence. If the unknown elderly person looks strong in the dream, he represents one’s strength. Otherwise, if he looks feeble, then he represents one’s weakness. Whatever physical conditions an elderly person is seen with in the dream, such condition […]