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Couple in dream meaning

Written by on December 12, 2023

What does it mean when you see a loved one in your dream?



Any couple in a dream may symbolize the need to bring together two different components of your psyche to achieve more balance and fullness. For example:

(1) We all have a ‘shadow5 and therefore need to learn to converse and consult with our unconscious.

(2) Men have a feminine side to their psyche, women have a masculine side. Usually this contrasexual element is repressed or suppressed as a result of social conditioning. Personal wholeness, however, depends on bringing the two sexual sides of one’s nature together. This union may be represented in dreams by a couple, male and female. Sometimes this is a royal couple.

(3) A royal couple may also represent your parents.

If so, what does the dream reveal in the way of hidden emotions towards your parents, or unconscious parental influences on your attitudes and behaviour patterns?

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