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  To see yourself flying or gliding with a parachute; indicates that you will take advice from people you consider safety nets. They will help and guide you to safety. Perhaps you do not think that you are making the right decisions. And you are asking for help that will prevent you from crashing your own […]

Holding a live lobster in the dream is a symbol of status. Perhaps you have recently obtained promotion and rose to a position of power or importance. However, watch out for being overconfident with your status and taking too much responsibility. You might fail if you are not careful about what you wish for.

Dreams about turning into a mermaid; suggest some form of transformation. You are leaning towards the feminine side. Perhaps you are entering a new relationship. Becoming more feminine and beautiful. However, if the dream features confusion and anxiety about such a transformation, it can suggest that you are not ready. You cannot yet embrace your […]

Dreams of flying an umbrella or flying with an umbrella as wings; suggest that you are enjoying success soon. However, you may need to prepare against major failures that come with success. Your sudden rise in fortune is not yet stable. You may fall from grace, and good luck.

  Ants Crawling On Your Body and Biting You: A dream about ants crawling on your body may symbolize someone or something that is “getting under your skin” or annoying you. This is especially true if the ants inside your dream take a bite at you. Consider the body parts area where the ants are crawling or […]

Driving an ambulance in the dream, indicates that you are putting the needs of others before your own. However, you are dictating how others should live their lives, as if their lives depend on the direction that you will put them in. Dream About Calling Ambulance Calling ambulance in the dream through phones or mobile phones, […]

Broken Lighter Broken lighter in the dream foretells upcoming health problems. You will not be able to follow through with your goals and plans. Be aware of depression or other diseases that stop your momentum cold. Empty Lighter Out of Gas To see an empty lighter out of fluid or gas fuel, signifies an urgent need […]

Dream About Getting Lemons Dream About Receiving Lemon Receiving lemons in the dream portends that someone is going to tell you about their plans. Their goals may discourage or frustrate you. You will have to work things out with that person to sort out any misunderstanding and disillusions that he or she may have. Dream […]

Multiple Tornadoes Dream Meaning: To see several tornado storms merging or colliding together in your dream; represent people around you who are prone to violent outbursts. They will typically display shifting mood swings. The merging of the many tornadoes symbolizes a volatile situation or relationship. The colliding tornadoes can either react to create an even […]

Always consider your location, what you are doing, the people that you might be with. Also, note your own personal emotions while the quake is shaking the earth. These minute details can help you decipher the dream better. Earthquake usually symbolizes a major shakeup that is threatening your stability and foundation of life. You may […]