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Dancing on Stage Dancing on stage in the dream is a representation of triumph and pride. You are exhibiting your moment of success for everyone around you to see. It is your time to shine. Perhaps you have been taking a lead role in your projects or have called a successful completion to your goals. […]

Parrot Being in Cage To see parrots being in the cage, suggests that you need to defend yourself against gossip. Try to understand that gossip and rumor will not be able to physically hurt your well being if you do not allow it. Injured Dying Parrot To dream about an injured or dying parrot, forwards that […]

Dreaming about being on foot traveling through a tunnel either by running or walking; suggests exploring aspects of your subconscious. You are opening yourself to brand new awareness. Try to find deeper meaning along your travels; you might find the answers that you seek. Dream About Crawling Through a Tunnel To dream that you are […]

The dream interpretation of breaking the mirror is dependent on your intention within the dream. If you are breaking the mirror in the dream by accident, it can foreshadow bad luck is near for your near future projects. If the mirror breaking is intentional in the dream, it signifies your willingness and motivation to break […]

The leg symbolizes balance in life. If you dream that a dog bites your leg or ankle, this may suggest that you have fallen off the balance in your life in some way. And the cause is usually by someone else that you care about. The feet symbolize the foundation that you have in life. Dreams about feet […]

To see someone is chasing you or attacking you with scissors; suggests that someone will force you to give up something that you love. He or she will be insensitive to your feelings about their requests. It foretells that he or she will live your life for good if you do not do what they […]

To dream about being scared of your safety or well being like getting burned from fire, fits as a warning that you might enter certain bad situations that could be hazardous to your health. Perhaps you might not realize it on the spot. But your subconscious is flashing warning signs and trying to show you the […]

Seeing yourself being vaccinated at a hospital points to your personal fears about alternative facts. Perhaps people are teaching you certain ideas that you reject. But however, you still take the time to understand their views. You need to take better care of your personal emotional needs. So that you could battle negative forces in the future. Testing Vaccine Trials To […]

The dreams about a domestic or caged lion, such as in a zoo or even in your own house. Having a lion pet symbolizes that you have a tamed sense of power in your daily life. Try to see if the lions or the pride are acting normally or “lazy” inside the dream. If they are active and about, […]

Stepping on a Nail To see yourself stepping on the nail, portends that you will become unintentional collateral damage from other people’s plan. You will accidentally get in the way of other people’s plans. And you will get hurt simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, the dream could […]