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Shopping and buying a mirror in the dream suggests that you need to really look at yourself; it signifies a time of self-realization and understanding who you are. If the dream is about getting a mirror from someone else, it can relate to the expectation of that someone towards you. Your mind is wondering if […]

The dream suggests that you will soon embrace a new and exciting experience. New attitudes and opportunities will present themselves. Please note that we will soon expand on this Sandals dream meaning to become even more detailed. Please check back later!

Graduation Cap Graduation cap in the dream points to a big accomplishment. You are proudly wearing a trophy or title based on your achievement. If you toss your cap into the air in the dream; it suggests that you are content with yourself in waking life. You can let go of your current worries and enjoy life. […]

To dream of a black wedding dress represents an excessive attitude towards making a permanent choice. You may feel pressured to commit to your partner or other long-term life choices permanently. The black wedding dress dream symbol reflects the fear that is motivating you. You will soon make a permanent choice and feel that you […]

When the dream features interaction with artificial intelligence robots, it can suggest that your friendship with someone in the waking life feels fake. Dreaming about being friends or even in love with an AI robot suggests that you feel alone. Perhaps it may be time to seek out opportunities to expand your social and romantic […]

Dream About Observing Parrots Parrot Being in Cage To see parrots being in the cage, suggests that you need to defend yourself against gossip. Try to understand that gossip and rumor will not be able to physically hurt your well being if you do not allow it. Injured Dying Parrot To dream about an injured or […]

River Bank Condition Since the river represents your flow of life and energy, pay attention to the land that the river nourishes through can give you insights into your current life situation. For example, a river that flows through a field of snow and ice can represent that you feel cold. And the river flowing through farmland […]

To dream that you are a dinosaur being chased indicates you are afraid. Your fear that others no longer need you and you are no longer useful. Perhaps some younger grads or coworkers at work are replacing you. Since your own work skill has become outdated. Old and ancient issues are coming back to haunt you.

Dream About Helicopter Flying Helicopter Crashing and Falling Out of Sky To dream about helicopter falling out of the sky and crashing, foretells failed plans and problems in your professional career. You will fall from grace from a high standard or authority. Consider being more vigilant about how you handle and control your everyday actions. […]

To dream about jellyfish biting or stinging you, it suggests your subordinates or followers will take measures to protect themselves. Watch out for potential lawsuits or complaints that will put on a dent in your reputation. Drinking or Eating Raw Jellyfish Eating or drinking down jellyfish in the dream; signifies that you wish to be powerful. You […]