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 Rose Bouquet Dreaming about the rose bouquet suggests that you will encounter an occasion to celebrate love with your important family members or another half. About Rose Scent To dream of rose scent or fragrant denotes the faithful love of your sweetheart. Dream About Rose Petals Flower petals in dreams suggest that your love and […]

Did you dream about scars? Scars point to previous painful memories and struggles. Your past still has a strong influence over you. Your bad feelings have never been healed. They still linger in your mind. Try to figure out ways to move forward. Do not let the past affecting your present life. Dream About Someone […]

To see yourself delivering and injecting vaccine to others as a doctor or nurse; indicate that you wish to influence other people’s beliefs and wishes. You believe that you are more educated and well informed compared to others. You do not shy away from giving harsh advice to people to prepare them for the worst-case scenario.

Dreams that focus on the roller coaster crash suggest sudden and abrupt changes in your life. Unlike a Car Accident dream, where it usually refers to your own actions, a roller coaster accident usually relates to someone else’s lack of due diligence. Perhaps the dream is reflecting some dangerous situations where your work is providing you. It […]

Dream About Collecting Shells Collecting shells in the dream indicates that you will see great treasure where other people see trash. Consider recycling dreams where you see the best in people. You see the beauty of everything in waking life. Dream About Breaking Shells Breaking through different shells in the dream, suggests that you are breaking through other’s […]

Suppose you dream about a marriage proposal from a person you are dating or romantically involved with. It reflects that you do want to marry the person in the future. If they are a potential candidate but you are not romantically together; you subconsciously think that they may be the perfect one. You wish to be in […]

To see a caged animal in the dreams indicates that you or someone has full control of the situation. In addition, the caged animals may refer to employees, students, or customers that someone may take advantage of. Dream About Caged Birds The dream about caged birds likes a peacock simply that you are feeling like a jailbird. […]

Seeing another company or business going bankrupt in the dream, suggests there is mismanagement in an area of your life. You are seeing failures all around you, and you worry if your weakness might be the next domino to fall.

To see parrot coming into your house or apartment, portends not to be trusting of those who enter your life. Be especially careful if you are sharing private details and secrets. As this person who will betray your confidence and leak your comments and thoughts with others easily.

Dreams that involve you being loaded into an Ambulance, is a sign that you wise to be more discreet and private about your wounds. You are seeking help through your crisis, but you are not ready to broadcast your pain to everyone in your life neither.