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The teeth falling out dream (or I should say nightmare!) is a VERY common dream that people have. Almost everyone’s had a dream about their teeth falling out at one point in their lives, and probably wondered what it means. Turns out this dream is very common because when we’re young and we lose our […]

To dream about being trapped tends to mean you’re just worried about your current situation. This can mean your job, relationship or even which country you’re in. Your mind tends to show you things in a subtle way, so if you’re worried about your job holding you back from traveling for example, your brain might […]

White Flowers Dream: The color white in dream is often connected with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. A symbol linked to perfection, a positive omen related to cleanliness. Often times a white lily appears to the dreamer. Yellow Flowers Dream: A color connected to the third Chakra, the solar plexus located right behind the […]

Dreaming about a car being on fire often means that a person is motivated in achieving their goals and is passionate about the goals or ambitions that they set for themselves, according to The Dream Collective. This is because cars represent the progress of goals or the path that the dreamer is on in life. Fire […]

Ugly Ring – The engagement ring itself in the dream is going to represent commitment. Because you only give the ring to someone you commit to in marriage or engagement or friendship. By receiving such an ugly ring that you do not wish to put on yourself at all; it may mean that you do not […]

It is common for your car to be robbed in your dream which represents parts of our drive or forward movement that has been stopped. If your house was robbed by an intruder it connects the dreamer to the mind (psyche) as homes are symbols of the inner architecture. Intruders that enter our houses are […]

“A tidal wave is a message that we have been suppressing our emotions, and they are just like, ‘Enough. We’re going to take you out if you are going to keep avoiding us. We’ll overpower you until you are forced to deal with this,’” explains Some of us don’t have time to feel. We’re on […]

To dream that a whale is flying symbolizes an enormous sense of freedom from letting down your emotional wall. You feel that you have lifted a huge weight from your mind. However, watch out for the small splashes or Tidal Waves as the whale lands back into the water.

Most people view butterflies as a sign of hope. When they appear in your dreams, they signal a fresh start or transformation. Occasionally, these beautiful insects represent something transient and brief. Butterflies in dreams also stand for fortunate events that are imminent.

To see a palace in your dream symbolizes wealth and prominence.  You are ready to utilize your full potential. If you are living in a palace, then it signifies that success is right within your reach.