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Handling cactus leaves full of pricks and needles suggests dealing with a difficult person in waking life. The encounter is usually for business or work purposes. Perhaps you are dealing with defensive clients or bosses, and the dream foretells that you need to be careful in removing other people’s self-defenses to achieve your goal. If you […]

Being A Nurse To dream that you are a nurse could reflect your waking life experiences. However, if you are not a nurse or met one recently, it indicates that people will soon come to you for advice. The dream suggests that you should be more compassionate and sympathetic towards other people’s problems. Nurse Tending Patient […]

Burning paper in the dream is an omen of misfortune. You will face many troubles and anxieties. The dream foretells that you will only have a shot by letting go of everything and being reborn in the fire. Dream About Shredding Paper Shredding paper in the dream signifies that you wish to destroy all traces of […]

Dream About Sand Glass Sandglass in the dream points to the passing of time. Perhaps you are letting the ticking clock control you. Take a step back and try to get a deeper understanding of time and how you relate to it. Dream About Sand Dunes Sand dunes in the dream points to signs of […]

Seeing a vampire chasing you and trying to run away in the dream; is a sign that people are influencing by pulling you down to their parasitic lifestyle. The vision of vampires chasing you; points to your peers, friends, or coworkers that do not do any work but are a leech. Perhaps they are trying to […]

Dreaming about your mobile phone locking you out because of an error in the fingerprint, facial recognition, or password; suggests that your access to a good relationship is compromised and difficult to overcome. Perhaps you are having difficulty speaking the same language as your close ones. You are failing and lacking the key for others to hear you. People are […]

Dream About Ice Crystals To dream about ice crystals forming in the dream suggests that certain things are chilling or cooling off. On the other hand, it could refer to your motivation or certain trends or fads. Be careful about getting into business or projects when you dream about ice crystals forming, as it foretells […]

Rainbow Connecting Sky to Horizon: The rainbow in this dream is a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. Long Rainbow Forming an Arch Connecting Two Horizon: It refers to joy and happiness in your relationship. The two earthly points are joining as one. Dream About Appearances Of Rainbows Double Rainbow: Dreaming about the double […]

Getting a Paycheck To dream that you are receiving a paycheck, indicates that you will be rewarded for your efforts. Perhaps you are doing a great job at your work or studies. And monetary gains or great the test scores will soon reveal themselves. Asking for a Paycheck or Salary Raise To dream that you are asking […]

Intentionally leaving baggage behind in the dream suggests letting go of your past responsibilities. You are running away from issues that you have decided initially to keep. Dream About Someone Carrying Luggage To dream that someone is carrying baggage means that a lousy quarrel may eventually lead to an ugly breakup. Someone is preparing to […]