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What Do Dreams About Spiders Mean?

Written by on September 12, 2023

Don't Ignore Dreams About Spiders! What Your Subconscious is ...

  • spider crawling in a dream can incite a powerful spiritual force in trying to shield you, this dream is about protection.
  • Spider webs represent lies and being tangled in a situation (such as a clingy relationship), this is also a symbol of creativity. The spider has a lot of patience as it weaves its web and waits for its prey. If you dream about a spider, there is a chance that you have that spirit of patience in you. It could be a sign that you will need perseverance in a project or at least show the great ideas that you have.
  • The larger the spider the more significant this is in life.
  • A spider chasing you can suggest that you are controlling a situation.
  • To be bitten by a spider indicates a conflict with a mother or mother figure in life.
  • The spider can be a metaphor for female power or mothers and entrapment. Specifically, if you are feeling trapped in life right now.

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