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A Nigerian chess master is more than 50 hours into his attempt to play chess for 60 consecutive hours and break a Guinness World Record in the process. Tunde Onakoya started playing chess at a table in New York’s Times Square on Wednesday, and he crossed the 50-hour mark in the early afternoon Friday. The […]

  New York’s famous Plaza Hotel hosted a Guinness World Record-breaking event featuring 353 ballerinas en pointe at the same time. The nonprofit Youth America Grand Prix, which organizes competitions for young dancers, celebrated its 25th anniversary by gathering the white tutu-clad ballerinas at the hotel and having them all go en pointe — the ballet term […]

Cloud seeding almost certainly did not play a significant role in the flooding on the Arabian peninsula this week – but the heavy rains may have been exacerbated by climate change. Record rainfall hit the Arabian peninsula this week, causing flooding in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as other coastal cities in the United […]

A 48-year-old lawyer from Estonia pleading to stay in Australia to be with his 104-year-old girlfriend understands why some sceptics may not believe their love is real. Mart Soeson has been in a relationship with Elfriede Riit since 2013 and the couple lived together until she was forced to move into a nursing home in […]

A North Carolina man stopped for gas and ended up winning a $200,000 lottery prize he plans to use to fund his daughter’s education. Bobby Coleman. of Kenly. told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he stopped for gas at the Oasis station on South Church Street in Kenly and decided to buy a $5 Bankroll scratch-off lottery ticket. […]

An Australian man took the largest pumpkin grown in the country this year and turned it into a canoe that he paddled down the Tumut River. The nearly 900-pound pumpkin, named Tormund in honor of Game of Thrones character Tormund Giantsbane, was grown by Mark Peacock and scored a blue ribbon at the Royal Easter Show. The pumpkin, the […]

An Idaho man balanced a running lawnmower on his chin for 9 minutes, 17 seconds to break a Guinness World Record. David Rush, who is on a quest to hold the most concurrent Guinness World Records titles, previously attempted the record about four years ago, but his time of 3 minutes, 52 seconds was disqualified because his […]

Attendees at the National Beard and Mustache Championships in Florida broke three Guinness World Records for the longest chains of beards, mustaches and partial beards. The annual event, which is held in a different location each year by Beard Team USA, saw participants take on the three record titles on the Main Street Pier in this year’s […]

A 59-year-old Alberta woman broke a Guinness World Record by holding a plank position for 4 hours, 30 minutes and 11 seconds. DonnaJean Wilde held the position for about 10 minutes longer than previous record-holder, Montreal resident Dana Glowacka, Guinness World Records said. It feels like a dream,” Wilde told the record-keeping organization. She said her planking […]

An escaped racehorse made its way to a train station in Sydney, Australia, and trotted up and down the platform before attempting to board a train and chasing a passenger. Transport for New South Wales posted a series of security camera photos to Facebook, and footage to Instagram, showing the horse, clad in a beige raincoat, wandering […]