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An Idaho man has set a new world record for fist bumps. Frequent Guinness World Record-breaker David Rush broke the previous Guinness World Record for the most alternating fist bumps in 30 seconds. Rush shared a video Sunday of himself taking on the feat with his neighbor’s son, Joey Hannon. The pair managed 273 alternating […]

Regarding this unique marriage, Sakshi’s brother Divya Soni told that the engagement of Sakshi and Rishabh took place last year. When both of them met after the engagement, they thought why not do something new and different. On this, an ID was created on social media with the name Mini Couple and started sharing photos. […]

A German movie theater broke two Guinness World Records with an IMAX screen measuring a whopping 8770.43 square feet. The Traumplast Leonberg, a multiplex chain in Baden-Württemberg, installed an IMAX screen measuring 127.2 feet by 68.8 feet, setting the Guinness World Records for the largest permanent IMAX screen and the largest permanent cinema screen (overall). […]

A Hong Kong man showed his love for the manga and anime series One Piece by amassing the world’s largest collection of memorabilia. Lam Siu Fung said his collection of items related to One Piece, the story of young pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for a treasure known as the One Piece, began […]

An Oklahoma university and a pizzeria chain teamed up to break the Guinness World Record for the largest pizza party. Mike Bausch, owner of the Andolini’s Pizza chain, said it took about eight months to organize Saturday’s Guinness World Record attempt at the University of Tulsa. Bausch’s restaurants cooked 1,000 pizzas to serve to fans prior to […]

A pair of Idaho men claimed a Guinness World Records title for catching dice blindfolded for the third time after a pair of Australian radio hosts twice took the record. David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, and his neighbor, Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon, took on the record for most […]

Guinness World Records said a woman in Spain is now the oldest person living at age 115. The record-keeping organization said María Branyas Morera, who lives in Catalonia, Spain, was verified Thursday as being 115 years and 321 days old. Morera became the oldest person living and oldest woman living following the death of French nun Lucile Randon, aka […]

A young woman in India broke a Guinness World Record by using one hand to set up a chess board in 29.85 seconds. The record-keeping organization posted a video to Instagram showing S. Odelia Jasmine using a single hand to place all of the pieces in the correct spots on a chess board in 29.85 seconds during […]

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, one of the most loved pairs of Bollywood, had a wonderful and memorable 2022. They got hitched on April 14 last year and soon came the announcement that Alia is pregnant. On September 9, their much-awaited film Brahmastra was released on September 9. Their pairing was one of the major factors why […]

An Australian contortionist stood on her hands and used her feet to shoot an arrow 59 feet and 11 inches into a target for a Guinness World Record. Shannen Jones said she practiced foot archery for six years before deciding to take on the Guinness World Record for farthest arrow shot using feet. Jones announced in […]