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A longtime runner-up in California’s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest finally got his crown. On Friday, fourth time was the charm for Wild Thang, an 8-year-old Pekingese from North Bend, Oreg., who previously placed second in the annual competition three times before. Wild Thang is a survivor of distempter, a viral disease that infects animals’ respiratory system and can […]

A woman who left school during World War II finally received her master’s degree in education 83 years later at the age of 105. Virginia “Ginger” Hislop earned her bachelor’s degree from the Stanford University School of Education in 1940 and immediately started work on her master’s at what is now the Stanford Graduate School […]

Serial Guinness World Record-breaker David Rush broke his own record for the second time by fist-bumping a fellow YouTuber 397 times in 30 seconds. Rush originally broke the record with neighbor Joey Hannon, managing 273 fist bumps in the allotted time, and he broke his own record when he and Howie Mandel fist-bumped 380 times on an episode of America’s Got Talent. […]

  Serial record-breaker David Rush earned his 177th concurrently-held Guinness World Record by recapturing the title for the most tennis balls caught behind the back in one minute (team of two). Rush, of Boise, Idaho, and frequent collaborator Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon previously set the record in 2023, when Hannon threw the tennis balls over Rush’s head and he […]

  A Massachusetts middle school’s graduation ceremony featured 23 pairs of twins — as well as one twin whose brother attends a different school. The eighth grade graduating class at Pollard Middle School in Needham features the most twins ever to appear in a single graduating class, officials said. The twins account for 46 — […]

A pair of friends from France said it took them about 5 years to realize their dream of building the world’s tallest rideable bicycle, which measures 25 feet, 5 inches high. Nicolas Barrioz and David Peyrou said they came up with the idea while having a drink at a pub, and they soon found themselves […]

A California man washing the dishes in his kitchen found himself interrupted by a trespassing bear — and he caught the encounter on camera. Jason Wightman said he was washing dishes at his Sierra Madre home when he looked to the side and saw a bear in his doorway. He posted a video to Facebook showing the […]

Serial record-breaker David Rush returned to his juggling roots to retake the Guinness World Record for most juggling catches while on a balance board (blindfolded). Rush was the original holder of the record, after his initial total of 77 beat the GWR minimum of 50, but his record was later taken by another juggler who managed 159 catches before […]

A father-and-son duo from South Africa created the world’s fastest drone, with an average top speed of 298.47 mph. Luke Bell and his father Mike, of Western Cape, dubbed the quadcopter Peregreen 2 after an earlier model that reach 247 mph, Guinness World Records reported. The drone is 3D-printed carbon fiber, battery operated and remote controlled. […]

A Michigan man’s commitment to not missing a lottery drawing, even while on vacation, earned him a $110,000 jackpot. Douglas Woodside, 59, of Beaverton, told Michigan Lottery officials he didn’t want to miss any Fantasy 5 drawings while on vacation, so he bought a multi-draw ticket from the Fraternal Order of Eagles 3655 on Estey Road in Beaverton. […]