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A 9-year-old Pennsylvania boy with dreams of becoming an astrophysicist is one step closer to his goal after graduating high school. David Balogun started at Harrisburg-based Reach Cyber Charter School as a third-grader, and now has been awarded his high school diploma after completing the required classes virtually from his home in Bensalem. I wanted […]

Victorians might have been considered obsessed with the symbolism of flowers in their time! Flowers were used to express their feelings and roses were symbols of the most intimate, passionate types of love. And now, Rose Day is here to bring even more meaning to these expressions of love! History of Rose Day The cultivation […]

Unrelenting and record-breaking heat is expected to continue across parts of South America this week. Temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-to-high 30s celsius for Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, with maximum temperatures possibly hitting 40C across northern Argentina. These temperatures are at least 5-10C above the climatological average, with the extreme heat expected to continue at […]

A Brazilian food company earned a Guinness World Record by assembling a line of 1,180 submarine sandwiches. The record-keeping organization announced food company Perdigão prepared the subs, also known as torpedo sandwiches, into a line to celebrate the 469th anniversary of the city of Sao Paulo. The sandwiches were prepared by a team of 40 over […]

A German dog trainer earned a Guinness World Record with his team of talented canines when 14 performing pooches formed a conga line. Wolfgang Lauenburger earned the record for most dogs in a conga line when his 14 trained canines arranged themselves into the party dance formation under his instruction Lauenbruger, an accomplished trainer with multiple Guinness World Records, […]

It’s a pretty regular part of many people’s childhood experience, being tucked into bed at night while our parents read us a story from our favourite books. The gentle drone of a parent’s voice reading out these stories filled our heads with imagination, our hearts with comfort, and our souls with a desire to see […]

Guinness World Records introduced Bobi, the world’s oldest dog ever. Bobi is 30 years, 266 days old. Guinness said in a statement Thursday that the Portugese dog took the record from a 23-year-old dog named Spike who was named the world’s oldest living dog in January. Bobi, Guiness said, has broken the nearly century-old record for the oldest […]

It takes money to make money as the old saying goes. But for a Michigan woman, it didn’t take much. The unidentified lottery winner spent just $5 for a Pick-Six ticket and was surprised when she saw she was holding a winning ticket worth $300,000. “I purchased the ticket on New Year’s Eve using a […]

World Hijab Day, an international annual event created to promote religious tolerance and understanding, is celebrated annually on February 1, 2023. This celebration of the hijab, a traditional head covering for many Muslim women, seeks to educate people about Islamic culture and traditions. By celebrating World Hijab Day, we can create a better understanding of […]

An Australian man who plays for his local soccer team became a Guinness World Record holder as the world’s oldest competitive player at the age of 79. Guinness World Records said David Mudge, who celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday, was 79 years and 89 days old when he played for the Kissing Point Football Club in a […]