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A German martial artist broke the same Guinness World Record for a sixth time when he used alternating hands to smash 148 coconuts in one minute. Muhamed Kahrimanovic, who previously broke the Guinness record for most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute five times, attempted the record for a sixth time on the Milan set […]

A pair of Italian men broke an unusual Guinness World Record by changing a tire on a vehicle while it was in motion. Guinness World Records announced driver Manuel Zoldan and tire-changer Gianluca Folco captured the record for fastest time to change a wheel on a car while driving when they achieved the feat in 1 minute […]

The World Bodypainting Festival begins Thursday in Klagenfurt, Austria, bringing together hundreds of body painting artists and enthusiasts from around the globe. The three-day festival, which has been held at the Goethepark in Klagenfurt since 2017, features multiple competitions, stage shows and over 40 live bands. The “Bodypaint City” area of the festival also features a […]

  A British movie theater chain is offering free tickets to people with red hair for two days amid a heat wave in the country. Showcase Cinemas announced on its website and social media accounts that redheads can get free tickets to the movies of their choice on Monday and Tuesday as part of the chain’s “Sun Protecting Flicks,” […]

A heart-wrenching video of a goat crying and hugging its owner after being sold has gone viral online and has moved netizens to tears. HIGHLIGHTS A video of a goat crying like a human has gone viral. Actually, the goat was being sold and couldn’t handle parting from its owner. The viral clip has over […]

A trio of pitmasters at a Texas barbecue restaurant broke a Guinness World Record by grilling food for 40 hours, 49 minutes and 17 seconds. Chris Magallanes, Mark Montemayor and Ernie Morales of Panther City BBQ in Fort Worth barbecued nonstop to break the record for longest barbecue marathon (team), which was previously set at […]

An Idaho man enlisted the help of colleagues at a work conference to recapture the Guinness World Record for longest throw and catch of a hot dog into a bun. David Rush, who has broken nearly 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, originally held the record in 2019, when Jake Smith threw a […]

  An Indian jewelry company earned a Guinness World Record when it set a staggering 24,679 diamonds in a single ring. Guinness announced SWA Diamonds earned the record for the large ring, which was dubbed “Ami,” Sanskit for “immortality.” The design of the ring was based on the pink oyster mushroom. “The mushroom represents immortality and […]

A 72-year-old woman earned the Guinness World Record as the oldest person to cross America by bicycle (north-south) when she completed her 2,083-mile journey in 43 days. Guinness World Records said Lynnea Salvo was 72 years and 27 days old when she completed her trip in San Ysidro, Calif., 43 days after beginning her journey. Salvo’s trip along […]

A gift to a 10-year-old boy in 1993 became the seed that grew into the largest collection of Power Rangers memorabilia in the world. Michael Nilsen’s collection of 9,364 items, including action figures, weapons, books and DVDs, spans 28 seasons of the Power Rangers show and three films, Guinness World Records said Tuesday. It was the coolest show I had ever […]