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A Maryland man said some wisdom imparted to him by his grandmother led to his winning a $50,000 lottery prize. The Baltimore man told Maryland Lottery officials that his scratch-off ticket strategy is based on the advice his grandmother gave him several years ago. My grandmother told me that not everyone can be lucky every day,” he said. […]

An Italian retirement home chain’s annual gathering of centenarians broke a Guinness World Record when 70 people who were at least 100 years old attended this year’s event. The Fondazione Opera Immacolata, which operates 11 retirement homes in Veneto and Gorizia, has been holding annual gatherings of centenarians for about 15 years, and the event has steadily […]

A pair of Idaho men spent 1 hour, 8 minutes and 52 seconds passing a giant inflatable ball back and forth a total 7,827 times to reclaim a Guinness World Records title. David Rush, a serial Guinness World Record-breaker on a mission to hold the most records concurrently, teamed up with Seth Lemmons to recapture […]

A British Columbia chicken earned a Guinness World Record for identifying different numbers, colours and letters. Gabriola Island veterinarian Emily Carrington said she bought five hyaline chickens last year to produce eggs, and she soon started training the hens to identify magnetic letters and numbers. Their job was to only peck the number or letter […]

A Pennsylvania woman who bought a lottery ticket to celebrate the dual milestones of her birthday and finishing cancer treatment won a $5 million prize. The Pennsylvania Lottery said in a news release that Lancaster County resident Donna Osborne, 75, bought her Monopoly Own It All scratch-off ticket from the Speedway store on Oregon Pike in Leola. […]

A roof at Delhi airport has collapsed after heavy rain, killing one person and injuring eight others. Videos online show huge pillars supporting the roof smashing into cars parked along the airport’s Terminal 1. All flights from the terminal have been suspended until further notice, airport authorities said. The incident took place at 05:00 (23:30 […]

A Maryland man’s lost dog turned up two years later after somehow ending up 1,000 miles from home. Tony Duncan said his dog, Luna, vanished from his Mardela Springs home after chasing some wild animals into the nearby woods and failing to return. Duncan said he never gave up hope he would see Luna again, but he […]

A Netherlands man assembled a team of engineering experts to achieve his lifelong dream of building the world’s longest bicycle, which measures 180 feet and 11 inches long. Ivan Schalk, 39, said he has been dreaming of building the world’s longest bike ever since he was a young boy. “I’ve been thinking about the idea […]

A 20-year-old Northern Ireland man broke a spud-sational Guinness World Record by assembling a Mr. Potato Head toy in 5.15 seconds. County Antrim resident Declan McFerran said he spent four hours refining his technique for attaching all of the features to the popular plastic toy before successfully shaving .28 seconds off the record previously set […]

A hospital in Ohio is celebrating an unusual baby boom while caring for seven sets of newborn twins at the same time. Cleveland Clinic Children’s said on social media that the Hillcrest Hospital NICU and postpartum units are currently caring for multiple multiples. We’ve been feeling double the love caring for seven sets of newborn twins at the […]