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In a shocking admission, AstraZeneca, the developer and manufacturer of the Covishield Covid vaccine, recently acknowledged the possibility of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) as a side effect. This admission has sparked concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine. Is Covishield risky? Various social media posts have blamed the Indian government for permitting Covishield, alleging […]

Cloud seeding almost certainly did not play a significant role in the flooding on the Arabian peninsula this week – but the heavy rains may have been exacerbated by climate change. Record rainfall hit the Arabian peninsula this week, causing flooding in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as other coastal cities in the United […]

We love loads of spices in our food and why shouldn’t we? But each country has a different way of adding spices to their meal and there is an island on this small planet that uses soil or mud as spices for their food. That’s right! Not only do the residents of this island add soil and […]

Every year, the world observes World Autism Day on April 2 to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and prevention of autism. This day aims to spread awareness about the disorder and support people who are suffering from it. This day marks a global event which is about the acceptance, support and inclusion of autistic […]

In the field of livestock auctions, a new record has been set that has attracted the attention of livestock lovers and the general public alike. A Nellore cow, known as Viatina-19 FIV Mara Imoveis, is the most expensive cow ever sold. She achieved an incredible price of 40 Crore Indian Rupees or USD$4.8 million (FD$ […]

The human body is so strange that no matter how much research one does about its functioning, one cannot know it accurately. Some things always come to light that we have not even imagined. A similar case has come to light from Vietnam. What was found in a person’s stomach here was shocking to the […]

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is celebrated on March 24 annually to spread awareness around the deadly disease. Know all about the day. Tuberculosis, an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs, is one of the leading killer diseases that led to 1.3 million deaths in 2022. Caused by a type of bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, […]

There is an old belief that after death the brain starts deteriorating rapidly. Even after the post-mortem report, such claims have been made many times. But the things that have come to light now will overturn all these notions. Scientists have identified more than 4,400 human brains preserved in astonishing condition in the archaeological record. […]

Near the Malihabad intersection, just a few kilometres away from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, there is the only tree in the world on which more than 300 varieties of mangoes grow. Their colour, shape, size and taste are completely different from each other. Haji Kalim Ullah Khan, a resident of Malihabad, who is […]

Maa Dudheshwari Swayambhudham is located at Bhaldam Chatti, Soso turn of Lohardaga Road, Gumla district headquarters. According to beliefs, a stream of milk flows from the Neem tree here. Just by drinking it one gets relief from many serious diseases. Swayambhu Shivalinga is also present here, where people come from far and wide for darshan. […]